Sunday, April 11, 2021

Lauran Hibberd teams up with The Regrettes’ frontwoman, Lydia Night on latest single “How Am I Still Alive”

Lauran Hibberd has released her playful new single “How Am I Still Alive”, featuring the smoky vocals of Lydia Night with upbeat percussion and a spunky lead guitar. 

Raised on the Isle of Wight, Hibberd first got into music at the age of fourteen, when she learned to play guitar. Inspired by the likes of Laura Marling, Feist, and Lucy Rose, Hibberd has grown to make a name for herself in the world of indie-rock with a number of punchy releases. Continuing to play at festivals and eventually touring with The Regrettes’ in 2019, Hibberd most recently collaborated with their frontwoman to create her latest masterpiece. 


This fast and fun track “toys with the bleakness of everyday life”, Hibberd states. The title perhaps refers to the ability to survive the monotony of everyday life, as the song celebrates making it to the other side of the tunnel. The upbeat tempo enables us to truly capture the song’s celebratory nature. Lyrics such as ‘I’m dreaming of the life I want/pinch me, I’m happy that I never got it’ suggests a sense of self-awareness through the idea that not everything is as it seems and perhaps that’s for the best. Likewise, actor Michael Cera is Hibberd’s focal point for the song as he acts as a solace from the trials and tribulations of life. 


“How Am I Still Alive” also touches upon a faceless toxic relationship in lyrics such as ‘I kiss his face when he tells me to’ and ‘you would still smoke if the house burned down', confrontationally introducing a toxic lover into the mix. It also suggests the idea that this relationship is what she thinks she wants but then turns sour and she escapes just in time; another reason for celebration. “How Am I Still Alive” equates these snippets of a relationship and the heart-breaking moment of being cheated on to the everyday woes of life, making it the perfect song to scream along to in the car with the windows down. 


The combination of Hibberd’s youthful sound and Night’s smoky vocals mesh together beautifully, making them a strong all-female duo for this energetic track. The vocals are smooth, calm, and collected and fit together perfectly with the backdrop of the upbeat percussion and heavy guitar. This is definitely a collaboration that we would like to see again. 


“How Am I Still Alive” is Hibberd’s first release of the year, ahead of her upcoming EP “Goober”, which will be released on 30th July, this year. Needless to say, the EP is highly anticipated and is sure to be just as much of a crowd-pleaser as this latest indie-rock critique of everyday life. 


- Aneesha Kalia


Image: Official Single Cover

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