Tuesday, February 09, 2021

‘Walk me home’, a musical existential crisis

London’s Oscar Robertson and David Bardon, aka Sunglasses for Jaws, have released a teaser track for their third album ‘Everybody’s Made of Bones’, which is set to be released in June. Previously the band have been incredibly experimental in their sound and their new track ‘Walk me home’ is no different. They have surpassed even some of their riskier tracks and jumped straight into the deep end of psychedelic madness. It is undoubtedly quite an achievement to be able to turn an existential crisis into a catchy three-minute track but Sunglasses for Jaws have managed it.


The track starts with a cacophony of weird and wonderful sounds, the majority of which even the most talented of musicians probably could not identify. The addition of the base helps to draw these seemingly unconnected sounds together and leads the way for the rest of the track. But despite this, the vocals are indistinguishable from the harmonies which creates a nice sound but leaves it as a whole feeling a little lacklustre.


The accompanying music video disrupts this delicate balance even further. From men with the heads of frogs to pulsating colours and general sense of insanity, no sense can be drawn from it. It is distinctly probable that this was the intended purpose and that there is a deep and profound meaning behind the two. The only problem is that it is hidden so deep in metaphors and imagery that it is difficult to find. We can only hope that the rest of the album can shed some light on this confusing world of sound.


After listening to ‘walk me home’ you are left wanting more, more of the strange drug induced vibes but also more excitement and vitality from what could have been an excellent song. Sometimes less is more.

Amelia Dinsdale


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