Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Sam and Sounds - UK songwriter releases a sweet, poppy, indie tune that’ll be sure to give you a sugar rush

It’s not often a song makes you wonder about your sugar intake, especially if you’re someone like me who drinks two black coffees a day to get moving.  However this song, “Silly”, did. 

Here, songwriter Sam (I’m presuming his surname is “and Sounds”) has written a song that can get you thinking about how you appreciate your partner but also has written something catchy. Is the chord progression cheesy? Hell yes it is, but to keep it less boring Sam brings in a guitar riff that is just catchy enough to get you thinking about it afterwards and boy does it stick in your head. 

Adding to this sugar-sweetness is Sam’s charming, boyish voice. The way Mr. and Sounds pronounces the title of his single is so uniquely childlike it would bring back memories of actual childhood. It didn’t in my case but I’m sure it would for other people.

The hook itself is something special, being sure to stick in your melon for at least a day. Sam calls this person “silly” and “funny” for being on his mind all the time, though judging from how catchy this track is I’m not sure if that’s actually Sam giving pop music a healthy serving of self-awareness.

The best part of this track though is the main guitar riff that introduces the song and is called back to after each chorus. Something about its offbeat timing, how it’s produced, I don’t know it’s just a good riff and it’s good to remind people of it after the chorus.

Speaking of production, it’s pretty well produced like a pop song should. Everything sounds clear particularly the vocals which is nothing surprising in this genre, but one complaint I have are the drums. They’re quite obviously fake drums that have been programmed and I feel like, given the professional sound of this track, it wouldn’t have been hard to just track real drums with it and blend it into the fake sound. 

Overall this is some great pop music, I can hear it being played at McDonald’s restaurants all over the place but also I can see Sam having some die-hard fans with this sound. Give it a listen!

Iestyn Williams


Image: Apple Music

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