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Pale Waves tackle gender norms in latest track 'You Don't Own Me'

Pale Waves’ latest song is unlike anything the band has ever put out before. “You Don’t Own Me” is the fourth single to be released off their upcoming Sophomore Album “Who Am I?” and it encompasses the angst and exhaustion they feel towards societal gender norms. This really showcases the direction the band are taking with the new album. It’s essentially a big middle finger up to the patriarchy.

Heather Baron-Gracie, the band’s lead singer’s vocals are especially impressive in this song; you can feel the passion and angst in her voice as she repeats lyrics which have undoubtedly been said to her time and time again. The direction Pale Waves is taking lyrically is especially refreshing. It’s clear that Heather is singing from experience and how she almost shouts the lyric “Don’t show too much skin / Don’t even start to speak your mind” just highlights how fed up she is of hearing things like this.

“You Don’t Own Me” takes a much punchier direction, straying away from the band’s earlier indie pop discography to a much more pop-rock/ indie-rock sound. The song is led heavily by guitars and fits in with the theme of rebellion, which is explored in the song and it’s really unlike anything the band has put out before.

The verses which make up the song are full of misogynistic quotes which, unfortunately, women are all too familiar with. “No one night stands for you or they’ll think that you’re a whore” and “Don’t cut your hair too short / Cos it looks better long and straight.” However, the chorus of the song, when paired with the guitar driven melody, sends a powerful message of standing up to misogyny and makes for a really impressive and catchy chorus.

 The Manchester band released the song on Friday alongside an Instagram post captioned: “WOMEN ARE POWERFUL, WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL, WOMEN ARE FEARLESS, WOMEN ARE STRONG.” This showcases just how much the band have grown lyrically and they are willing to publicly advocate for women’s rights and not let the abuse they face as a female-fronted band get the better of them.

From just four singles it’s apparent the band are being vulnerable with topics such as feminism, being open with their sexuality, and heartbreak. “Who Am I?” is set to be released 12th February via Dirty Hit and from the singles that have already been released it is clear that this album is not one to miss.

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