Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Regent - A Revolutionary release?

Having recently announced the release of their debut album for later on in 2021, Southampton four piece Regent are back with a spunky new single ‘Just A Revolution’. In a follow up to their previous, somewhat more mellow track ‘Today’, Regent are truly demonstrating the depth of their songwriting prowess in a punchy track that sounds as though it could kick you in the face. 

With a heady mix of influence pulled from the likes of the Rolling Stones and Oasis, topped off with just a sprinkling of punk ‘Just A Revolution’ boasts grungy guitar riffs, drama and lyrics packed with a punch. 

Like many records written before the outbreak of the pandemic, ‘Just a revolution’ was penned by front man Ben Rooke following a tough break up as a cathartic release, but has since taken on a whole new meaning.  Now, it tells a story of anguish, of being down right fed up, of literally wanting to smash things up, of wanting change, wanting fun, and looking to the future. 

The ravaged vocals and all guns blazing attitude of the track gives us an insight into what is to come for the future of Regent. Lines such as ‘These days music is so dull, all I wanna hear is rock and roll’ indicates that we should expect more raucous melodies and gritty lyrics to match the iconic history of UK rock and roll. This is classic rock and roll as it should be - with immediate obvious influences, but taking on an identity of its own. As the album's title track ‘Just A Revolution ‘ is a definite head banger and has done exactly what it needed to do - left me wanting to hear more. 

Already possessing an impressive back catalogue of recently released singles, Regent have been taking the rock and roll scene by storm - featuring on the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio X and Amazing Radio. It's safe to say, with accolades like that, Regent are a band who are set to become a household name. 

Disclaimer: sounds even better through headphones.

Jenn Hukins


Image: Facebook Regent

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