Monday, February 08, 2021

No Vacancies return with Indie track 'Without You'

Manchester indie band, No Vacancies are back with their new single ‘Without You’ (released on Friday 15th January), following their last single ‘She’.

Love a bit of indie? Love a bit of rock n roll? No Vacancies have truly captured the indie rock n roll sound throughout the songs they have already released but this can be definitely be heard in ‘Without You’, especially if this is the first song you are listening to by the band, it really gives you a taste of what the band sounds like. 

The single is played effortlessly, with a lot of smooth transitions between verse’s and choruses, using a heavy electric guitar riff, and the occasional breakdown. The melody and the vocals really complement each other throughout the entirety of the song. The vocals are strong and passionate, making you believe every word he is singing.

As soon as the guitar and drums kicked in, all I could think about was how perfect this song would be at a gig as rather as an opener or as an encore. I always think its great if you can picture a song being played live before its debut single, it shows how strong the song is. It definitely could be a crowd-pleaser as there are moments where I can just imagine how this song would sound live, what crowd interactions this song can potentially have. The outro really proves my point, it is a great opportunity to have a crowd join in.

Whilst listening to ‘Without You’, it really gave me similar vibes to Dublin band, Inhaler. Using the same heavy guitar riffs and drum pattern throughout in songs such as ‘When It Breaks’. Yet again, capturing that perfect indie rock n roll sound, especially that Manchester indie rock n roll sound!

The ending of the song just leaves you wanting more, 

This was personally the first song I have listened by No Vacancies but it definitely will not be the last. ‘Without You’ is an attention grabber, it’s a good song to recommend someone to listen to for the first time. It really does show the bands true sound.

I would highly recommend checking out ‘Without You’, the single is available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

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