Saturday, February 27, 2021

Creeper makes a comeback with their album Sex, Death & the Infinite void

After the end of 2017, the Southampton born band,  creeper laid low on the music scene after fans thought that this was it for the band, then going on to write their new album Sex, Death and the infinite void that was released in July  2020.

This is creepers second fully formed album made up of 16 new songs. This album is made up of a selection of songs along with some album breaks that are talking pieces at the beginning and in the middle, such as “Celestial Violence” which is a short track to remind the listeners that love is almost meaningless.

This is a common theme through creepers albums because it gives the listeners more of a background and storyline to follow throughout the album along with the way that all the breaks then feed into the next song seamlessly. This type of music creation isn’t too common and this is what gives creeper the slight upper hand on creating an album that is so unique. 

This small break in the album with the fade into the next song shows that this is an album that works best in the order ithas been released as. The sound of this album is similar to their older music but still with a modern twist being heavily inspired by brit-pop stars sich as David bowie whilst still having more gothic rock note that fans are so familiar with.

Along with these tones of the music the whole album was very much inspired by the bands touring experience with other bands such as waterparks and going along warped tour and America which is something different to the band.

As for the songs on this album, they all tell their own story on the tracks but once you put them all together they tell this beautiful yet tragic love story centred around a character called Annabelle.

These songs have perfectly encapsulated this tragic love story that results in tragedy. The song “Poisoned heart” for example is a beautiful sounding song with a very fast beat to make the song
sound happy however listening to the lyrics of this song with the chorus of “Darling, drown with me, I'll take you to the edge of everything, Burn with me” shows that this is the type of love story that if the person they are singing about stays with them then they will get dragged down and this is a love that might not survive.
Between poisoned heart to Holy-War, the four songs in this small section of the album take a lot more of a melancholic tone towards them. Having note dragged out with the sound of rain and a storm in the background to connote these sad tones. This suggests that this is the part of the album and the hardest part of the heartbreak that these characters are going through are in this section. Overall this is a great new album from creeper and their way that the can tell a story through their music in this way is such a unique way of creating art.

Sex, death and the infinite void is out now!  

Abbie Gray

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