Saturday, February 27, 2021


London girl Sasha Sky jumps into the world of music with her first single “Dobuts”, a song no longer than three minutes but filled with plenty of meaningful lyrics.

With a sobbing piano and a voice full of feeling to accompany throughout, “Dobuts” is a full and whole pop song filled with electronic vibes; this sound helps get listeners in the mood for Sky's lyrics. The story that the song tells us is not an easy one. In fact, it shows us what seems to be a decisive moment; the moment before making a decision that could effect the singer in a very shocking way. 

Throughout the song, Sky shows us an almost unbearable pain that she knows how to slow down, but her fear of making the decision leaves her with many doubts that make her doubt everything, even herself.

Through the use of religious metaphors (I have no religion/ But I know what to pray for) that may surprise listeners due to the young age of the singer, we can interpret the use of them in a thousand ways in this song such as: how to deal with a mental problem, or how Sky seems to show how after an infidelity committed by herself - within the fiction of the song - she does not know if this relationship can be saved, because she no longer trusts herself.

With this first single Sasha Sky presents herself as an intimate artist with lyrics full of feeling and meaning. Whilst also on the other hand, Sky is able to show us her more personal side through her YouTube and Instagram channel (@itssashasky); where, if you follow her, you can see the London places she visits, the political opinions she shares or one of her facets as a dancer.

You can keep track of her through her social media in the interim of waiting for the next news and singles of this new artist.  

-Maria Vidal 



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