Sunday, February 28, 2021


The future is here. Upcoming Nottingham based singer-songwriter Charity Stow has released a brand new single called “Wake Up”. The music video also premiered on December 19th 2020. The music video does not distract elements in the song and fits in perfectly, making Charity’s voice the main act. 

Charity talked about how she wrote the song over a year ago, and the meaning of the song has only become more and more important to her. Charity claims it is about trying to get through to those who cannot see things the same way as you do; about positive change, and how that is something we should all want for the future.

The track is an indie, folk song which sounds quite Intense and dramatic. The track sounds very airy with heavy reverb on the drums and a delayed, distorted rhythmic guitar sounds. The vocals sound so harmonic over-layering each other almost sounding angelic and dreamy.

Charity comes from a musical background. Charity plays the guitar herself, so she can really understand the feel of the instruments in the song, and you can tell her talents by the way she controls her vocals. Her voice runs over the music so elegantly, and her voice has the sort of strength that can pull you in and keep you listening for hours. It sounds so spacious and light, leaving you untroubled in peaceful thoughts.  

Charity has been getting many local opportunities in Nottingham; performing at the Bodega venue with her band. She has also been performing in other local bars and venues and has been able to perform outside during the summer. This fits perfectly into the Covid19 guidelines at the time as everything was socially distanced. Even though Charity can no longer perform events until this pandemic is over, she has been getting her music heard through radio stations such as BBC introducing, Rutland Radio and PCRFM.

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