Thursday, January 28, 2021

Taxi Rank- 'Rainbow Sands' Single Review

Whilst most of us took a back seat in 2020, the same can’t be said for Swansea based indie band Taxi Rank who have worked hard in the studio in the run-up to releasing their newest single ‘Rainbow Sands’. 

The five-piece who take influence from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Muse and Iron Maiden are not shy of producing their own incredible guitar solos which features on the track.  The single touches on the idea of maturing from adolescence to adulthood, the kind of care-free attitude which consists of drinking with friends and falling in love for the first time which sounds all too familiar to some of us. It also touches on detaching yourself from the place you grew up and the struggles that follow whilst feeling that you’re leaving everything and everyone from the past behind you.  

The setting of the song is located on the sunny beaches of South Wales, which sounds incredibly blissful and is captured on the single’s artwork cover- this chilled out and melancholy-type imagery is a contrast to the music itself. The single is high energy but this doesn’t shy away from the vulnerability in the lyrics, ‘I still find it hard to communicate; I’m lost in my escape’ can be heard throughout the song which highlights an insecurity felt from the writer’s perspective and gives the song something far more profound. 

 The alt-rock group have been playing together for over two years and their latest release is the result after time spent developing their own sound and whilst this will continue to form, after what they have produced in such a short space of time shows great potential and talent. 

I’m looking forward to hearing what more is to come from Taxi Rank. You can listen to Rainbow Sands on all streaming platforms.   

Hannah Bray

Twitter: @HannahLouiseBr8


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