Wednesday, January 27, 2021

‘Baby Girl’ MAUD – Single Review

Maud (Kristine Hoff) is a singer and songwriter from northern Norway and studied electronic music at Kristian sands’s University of Agder.  ‘Baby Girl’ is her third Single. The track follows on from her debut, ‘Real’ and her sophomore single ‘Bad Things’ these where released last year. These tracks landed Maud on the Deezer’s ‘New Electronic’ playlist. 

Maud immerses you into a dream world of Electric pop with elements from trap and urban. With lyrics echoing night time thoughts quite sinister and mysterious. 

‘Baby Girl’ explores the anxieties of growth, adulthood and ultimately the struggle in finding a sense of home again once you’ve moved away from your childhood roots. 


Baby girl incorporates feeling of loneliness, frustration and restless as Maud discusses her experience with moving around a lot leaving those closest behind to carve her own path.  Maud summarises “Baby girl an ode to becoming an adult. these stages of life can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and restlessness, because we don’t yet who we are or who we are going to be,” 

We can understand these feeling when listening to strong lyrics like “can’t you see there’s a war inside of me. can’t you listen to my reasons to believe.” And the second verse “don’t you see I’m not a victim in here. don’t you see I try and hide every tear?” 


To sum up ‘Baby Girl’ in a few words would be “dark, mysterious and eerie.” Maud uses elements from ‘Bad Thing’ yet corporates a new tribal drum beat into the ending of her song. This is something new that I haven’t ever heard before. The song throughout keeps a solid pace throughout and repetition of beats in the background sets the mood. The start of the song and the end of the song are very different, they start has a quite eerie and mysterious vibe to it and the end is very tribal and catchy with the chants she says.  

-Sammi Bache



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