Thursday, January 28, 2021

MEET... Inhaler

I don’t feel like this band needs much of an introduction since they have been steadily gaining exposure over the past year, but in case you hadn’t heard:

There’s a new band on the scene, they’re called Inhaler, and they’re pretty damn awesome.

Inhaler found its beginnings in 2012 in the halls of St Andrews College in Blackrock, Dublin in 2012. At this point the band consisted of Elijah Hewson (son of the U2 frontman, Bono and frontman of the band), Robert Keating (bassist) and Ryan McMahon (drummer). The fourth and final member Josh Jenkinson (guitarist) joined the band shortly after the name Inhaler was decided upon in 2015.

The band self-released their debut single ‘I Want You’ in 2017, featured on Garageland Volume 1:

They have released six subsequent singles, some of which were included on their EP released in the midst of their 2019-2020 tours. Their influences are liberally heard in their music, songs such as ‘My Honest Face’ carrying strong early-U2 flavors, but one can also see the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen and The Stone Roses reflected in their music.

Listen to ‘My Honest Face’ here:

They’ve seen significant success very recently, being shortlisted and ranked 5th in BBC’s Sound of… music poll this year, having had tours scheduled, international radio play and a spot on the bill for the Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds homecoming show at Manchester’s Heaton Park. Obviously Covid stopped all of this in its tracks but even so the band has risen to higher notoriety, seemingly effortlessly.

What is so refreshing about this band is their work ethic coupled with the strong sense of friendship. The band are friends first, pushing each other to try new things and being honest with each other, likening themselves to brothers. This, I’m sure, always fundamentally means there is fun to be had. And as men in their early 20s (and I do mean that, they’re all around the 20-year-old mark) it would be assumed that they’d fall very easily into the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ stereotype but apparently this is not the case. They have fun, but always prioritize the music. One might assume that due to Hewson’s familial connections there would be instant notoriety, mixing the necessity to work hard. This is absolutely not the case. Having started as a garden shed band, they have worked incredibly hard on creating music and understanding what makes a good song. Absolutely the expertise of their connections have been used (apparently Hewson’s father is quick to tell them when something isn’t good), but fundamentally the band have gotten to the heights they have reached now with unequivocal hard work.

Listen to their newest single release ‘When It Breaks’ here

The band is currently working on a debut album which I’m sure will be littered with the rock influences they grew up listening to and loving. I’m eager to see what this band does next, they have so much space and so much time to grow: it’s safe to say they’re ones to watch.

- Chloe Boehm




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