Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sea Girls - This Is The End - Single Review

London based 4 piece Sea Girls have released their latest single This Is The End. This is the  newest release in a string of music that the band have put out in 2020 including their newest album and this newest single is a welcome follow on adding another top quality number to the bands ever increasing catalogue. 

This single is one of the more emotive and heartfelt releases from the band but the emotion and feeling is still wrapped up in the distinctly Sea Girls indie alternative rock sound. 

The song follows the story and the emotional journey of the breakup of a relationship and its ending; it follows the battle you face as you try so hard to fix it and to save it - but ultimately it’s too late and the damage is done so now you’ve got to face the reality that it’s over. 

The story of the song is reflected within its sound with the ups and downs of the music reflecting the ups and downs of the situation and emotions. 

Within the verses, the sound is simpler with just drums and guitar as the dominant sound as the story plays out and there is still the hope that the relationship can be salvaged before the song begins to ‘amp up’ and it becomes a cacophony of sound moving to the pre chorus and chorus in which the realisation hits and the situation becomes clear and the sound is almost a way to drown out the pain and the mix of sound echoes the mix of emotions going through the mind. 

Even though the story of the song is one of emotion and heartache at the loss of love and the end of a relationship, the sound of the song is still a song to dance to and rock out. It’s a song that feels like an empathetic anthem for all the people who’ve lost someone special and this song is for them to turn up loud and sing their hearts out too as they release the emotion within them, but for those unable to connect with the song it’s still a song to listen to on loud and sing along because at its heart regardless of the meaning and the lyrics it’s just good music that sounds great as a record and also has a sound that you know will be great to hear live too. 

Sea Girls have created yet another hit to add to their ever growing list and with all the top content they’ve produced it makes the thought of what’s to come even more exciting. 

- Georgina Shine


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