Monday, December 21, 2020

Cameron Byrd - Over Again single review

Cameron Byrd who is most likely best known as a member of the band Hollywood Ending, has made his return to the music scene since the band called time on things back in 2015 Byrd took the time since then to focus on his education and his music producing abilities but he’s back with his first solo single Over Again and it’s a must listen. 

The song has the combination of sounds with the feeling of an emotive ballad but with the addition of pop punk/ pop rock elements too. With the pop punk elements it feels like Byrd has stuck with elements of the genre that listeners familiar with him would associate him with, but with the piano ballad style elements it feels like a step into something different sound wise for Byrd. 

The song opens with the gentle piano beat which remains consistent throughout the song and fades in and out of the background as the songs’s tempo changes and the introduction of other elements are introduced through the up and down of the song. The changes in tempo are also matched with a change in vocals demonstrating Byrd’s talent and vocal range with his array of softer and gentler tones combined with a mix of raspier and power moments.

‘Over Again’ is a hopeful love song but also a song of heartache as shown in the lyrics ‘this times not the last time’ and ‘believing you’re home like it’s the first time’ the lyrics show that there is a hope that whatever has happened before can be put in the past and move on and work things out and that love can be successful this time. But, this is then contrasted with ‘it’s not enough, my luck’s played out, and all that’s left and scars to faded’ and the feeling of heartache and melancholy seeps in as the realisation seems to hit that it’s not possible to bring back the love and that this is the end and all that’s left is the memories and the scars. 

The display of talent on show from Byrd in this debut single is quite simply stunning from the sound to the vocals, he’s got it all and it’s on display for the world to see or rather hear in this song. Over Again is a very exciting introduction to Cameron Byrd and his solo venture and of his future releases are anything like his debut single he is sure to have a successful and promising solo career ahead. 

-Georgina Shine


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