Sunday, December 20, 2020

Get To Know: Finlay Birch

Finlay Birch first made waves with his debut ode-to-love spotify single 'Better Guy' and is making his way onto the UK indie scene. Combining contemporary pop with soft indie sounds makes for a unique collaboration to bring us sonically pleasing works of art.

His latest single 'Sunflower Girl' rings with a vague reminiscence to the works of Rex Orange County and Mac DeMarco. Self proclaimed as '
Scottish Indie Lofi Bedroom Folk', his soft melodic lyrics injected with dreamy guitar strokes make for a perfect summer-inspired bop. 

'Sunflower Girl' wouldn't be out of place soundtracking 'Submarine' alongside Alex Turner.

Up and coming artist Finlay Birch, talks his latest single and his favourite modern artists...

Q. What artists do you take inspiration from?


A. I take inspiration from many different artists however there are some I take more inspiration from! I am really inspired by Mac DeMarco, Field Medic, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Beabadoobee, Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys, Fats Waller, Ariel Pink, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Unknown Mortal Orchestra & Tallest Man on Earth.

Q. What’s the story behind your latest single ‘Sunflower Girl’?


A. I wrote it earlier this year actually just after my debut single “Better Guy.” It's basically a hopeful message through a song to a girl and about bedroom pop, hopeful messages like “every mornings a new day” and “Bedroom pop and bedroom pop, Elliot Smith n lots of Mac n cheese” could you get any more bedroom pop with the lyrics!!! I then recorded it in my bedroom at my family home in Greenock, where I grew up. I draw all my own artwork. I do everything myself, so I kinda had the track lying around and I then wanted to release it only recently. I am so happy with how it is going so far!


Q. Who are your favorite modern up and coming artists/ bands?


A. Great question. At the moment I’m really digging a couple of bedroom pop artists/bands. I've been listening to a lot of one of my friend's music recently, dunno maybe that’s because of lockdown….My best mate Dylan Louie has an album out on Spotify called the ‘Black Tapes’, it has so many great tracks on it, I particularly love ‘My Turn’, that song means a lot to me. A great up and coming band I’ve been working out to are the Clay Brothers they have such a sick track called ‘We Shouldn’t Fight Anymore’….it just makes me wanna mosh and get wasted. I’ve also been really digging a cover of ‘I'm on Fire’ by Nouel, I know she has some big things coming out I’m really excited for. There's a lot of great music out at the moment, however, these would probably be my favorite recently.


Q. Do you have anything in the works? Album releases? More singles?


A. I don’t want to break any mystery, but let's say I have something coming out sometime next year. I don’t want to rush anything, however, the feedback from ‘Sunflower Girl’ has definitely made me want to put out something soon!!!


Q. If you could describe your sound in three words what would they be?


A. Oh a very tough one. If I had to describe it in three words id say; Warm, Melodic, and Chill. However, I describe myself as Scottish Indie Lofi Bedroom Folk so as you can tell I struggle to pin myself down to one genre. 


Q. If you could support any artist on tour when the situation improves, who would it be?


A. Oh man, well anyone that knows me would say first and foremost Mac Demarco, he means the world to me. I even met him once in Brighton, he was the most chill, nicest guy, I could definitely see myself going on tour with him! Banes World if he was on tour, the mighty Ariel Pink if he ended up touring around these parts,  Field Medic would be amazing to support if he was over here also!!! 

- Lana Williams


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