Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Lights - Coldplay Single Review

Every year there is another handful of popular bands who make the big decision to release their own Christmas song. Half decide to remix one of the songs in the incredibly small socially accepted Christmas songs pile and half decide to go at it sideways and try something entirely new. Most of the time these songs are mediocre at best and don’t tend to stick around but Coldplay’s ‘Christmas Lights’ is one of the anomalies.

The real reason that this song seems to have succeeded where others have failed is because Coldplay stuck to their classic and popular style whilst managing to incorporate a Christmas twist. This way they managed to retain their original fans whilst gaining new fans from the general Christmas song hysteria.


The song begins in a classic Christmas style with an uplifting piano intro followed by Chris Martin who brings the pace back slightly with his contemplative vocals. It doesn’t take long though before the song picks up again with the incorporation of the rest of the band and their wide variety of instrumental talents.


Despite the rather pessimistic lyrics there is a distinctively heartening feel to the song which comes mainly from the rich tones that only Chris can achieve. If there has even been a song written for solely for groups of people to sway to then this is it. There is a feeling of unity even though you only ever hear the one voice of the lead vocalist. Coldplay’s vast experience in the music industry is clear from the professionalism and refinement demonstrated in this song which will, I am sure, join the socially accepted Christmas songs pile. 

Amelia Dinsdale


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