Monday, November 02, 2020

PYNCH - New Single Review

London quartet Pynch have returned with a new single taking shots at the current state of the world. Following two previous singles, the band dabble in the lightweight excitement that comes with psychedelic and punk styles, whilst also teasing a refreshing honesty in their wordplay and the topics they choose to take aim at.

‘The Whole World’s Going Crazy (For Love)’ is a charming lo-fi synth-rock track, with catchy fuzzy guitars, and a simple but infectious 808 drum loop sure to keep your head nodding and feet tapping.

The instrumentals reach a crescendo as Spencer Enock (who also acts as writer, producer, and mixer) sings more frantically about the futile but necessary daily rhythms of life, and how we all act in the name of love.  

Advancing a sound previously established with the underrated ‘Somebody Else’, Pynch makes music that invites the listener to look at their life and past with equal measures of wistfulness and affection. There’s also a sharp sense of political and societal commentary too - Enock pens lyrics such as ‘...and the truth is obsolete, so we might as well just sing’. In an increasing age of mistrust and division in society, it's music like this that makes us remember to not take anything at face value, and enjoy life on our own terms.

Taking on huge topics with a healthy dose of cynicism and fun, Pynch are echoing the energy of established icons like Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem. With this being only their third single, there is definitely potential for an exciting debut album some day. The future is looking bright for the band, despite what their music might suggest.

- Huwen Edwards


Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

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