Monday, November 02, 2020

Talkboy - Stupid Luck review

Talkboy’s introductory EP Over & Under had the 6 piece band gracing the stages of Leeds, Manchester, London, and the likes; delivering energetic performances to happy crowds. With the current inability to entertain live, the group have immersed themselves once more in writing new music and plans for yet another EP. There’s no doubt that there are enough mental resources for such thing - with Katie Heap and Calum Juniper as vocalists, Tim Malkin on guitar, Charlotte Jones on keys, Tom Sargent rocking the bass and Jake Greenway on the drums - there’s no shortage of creative brain power. 

On September 23rd, Talkboy released their self-produced track titled ‘Stupid Luck’.

Stupid Luck’s hints of 60’s surf and psychedelic rock paired with the altered high pitch vocals from Katie Heap suggest a sense of nostalgia that allows for a timeless and uplifting track. The leading electric guitar begins the track before the fanfare-like  introduction of drums, bass, and keys. Inspiration from bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Big Moon can be heard through the multiple vocal harmonies that begin during the first chorus and carry throughout the song. The deeper, alternative sound created by the range of instruments compliments Heap’s soprano and boosts the mood of the track. A synth ends the track with a fading note, keeping the tone light and positive. The track is unlike any in contemporary mainstream music, the dynamic range keeps you on your toes and leaves a satisfying impression in its conclusion. The only clear negative is the inability to get the tune out of your head after hearing it, Talkboy have successfully crafted an extremely impressive earworm.

The track is an admittance of sorts - an acceptance that regardless of their own musical drive and determination, luck has played a large role in their lives and career. According to the band the song serves as a reminder to understand the importance of good fortune; some ambitions can’t be reached without some stupid luck.

With 2020 drawing to a close Talkboy have announced new live dates for their 2021 tour, likely featuring music from the previous Over & Under EP as well as all new tracks.

The current live dates are as follows -

10th Feb – Gullivers, Manchester
11th Feb – The Grace, London
12th Feb – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
6th Aug – Bingley Weekender

- Molly Stone



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