Sunday, September 20, 2020


Seminal pop-soul band The Style Council have recently announced the ‘Long Hot Summers’ compilation, a collection of music from across their career all on one album. The compilation will contain iconic hits (one of which it takes its name from), as well as previously unheard demos and unreleased tracks.

The band were most notable for their hit song ‘Long Hot Summer’, a soulful tune which powerfully soundtracks struggling emotions in the guise the (in)famously loved up season. Paul Weller, perhaps known best for his work fronting The Jam, started The Style Council as a means to write and perform types of music he didn’t think suitable with his other work. It didn’t take long for the band to take off, with the new wave sounds of the 80s welcoming exactly the kind of style The Style Council offered.

The compilation has been remastered at Abbey Road Studios, and contains new sleeve notes by Weller himself, an essay by Lois Wilson, and even a piece by self-proclaimed fan Martin Freeman. The album is available for pre-order in a 2CD and 3LP format, with the added extras and exclusive vinyl colour variants making it an exciting collectible item for serious music lovers to add to their collection.

‘Long Hot Summers’ will also arrive alongside a documentary on the band, premiering on Sky Arts on 30 th October. The documentary will feature interviews by band members Weller, Mike Talbot, Dee C. Lee, and Steve White, in addition to a host of others, and explore the meaning and legacy of the band upon the musical landscape.

‘Long Hot Summers’ will release October 30 th via UMC. The CD and vinyl options are available for pre-order now.

- Huwen Edwards


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