Monday, September 21, 2020

EADES - I Want More review

I Want More is a grainy black-and-white film track, a “let’s just drive” track, an afternoon picking wildflowers track; it’s filtered escapism, and hot on the heels of Eades recent EP success. With mellow vocals by lead Harry Jordan simultaneously punk and dulcet, and slow-burning 70’s Iggy-Pop-esque guitar, Eades delivers a euphoric garage-rock ballad that would stir even the dullest of crowds, if crowds ever become a thing again. 

Lyrically, this track is a rehash of a popular punk theme: antagonistic feelings towards the 9-5 grind that all up-and-coming musicians have to battle to sustain their art. Despite the four-pieces musical touchstones also being nostalgic, and covering a coalescence of genres, EADES has a self-assured confidence to their sound that propels this track forwards, and a wordsmith charm that stops the lyrical core from seeming overdone. I Want More seems to whisper that you may have heard this trope before - but not in this way, not by this band. 

The standout of this track is definitely it’s meandering guitar and slow-but-deft beat, especially as they build towards a biting instrumental - it’s instantly danceable and adds a modern freshness to the dewy-eyed anthem. Ultimately, I Want More is full of impassioned harmonies, honest rhythms and has an enigmatic front-person compelling you to pay attention; it is enigmatic, highly listenable and sonically alluring. This track gains traction effortlessly, making Leeds based Eades one to watch. 

- Chloe Johnson

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