Sunday, September 20, 2020

Plastic Cowboys: Interview

Plastic Cowboys are an indie punk band made up of three members; Ciaran McGann, Joe Monaghan and Darren McCarthy. From December 2019-April 2020 they have managed to squeeze in two releases, ’99 on a Saturday’ and ‘Not As Cool’. Both singles can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Keep your eyes peeled for this emerging trio on the music scene...

What bands/artists inspire you as musicians?

Beach Boys, Ramones - (Darren)

Metallica, Pink Floyd - (Joe)

Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles. - (Ciaran)


What are your top three albums of all time?

Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground and Nico, David Bowie - Hunky Dory - (Darren)

 Pink Floyd - The Wall, Tool - 10,000 days, Pink Floyd - Pulse     (Joe)

Abbey Road - The Beatles, Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars - David Bowie. Transformer - Lou Reed  (Ciaran


Who would you most like to tour with?- 

We admire Fontaines D.C. and Ezra Furman, so touring with them would be cool.



What plans do you have for releasing new music and did lockdown allow you more time

to spend on creating new material? What should we expect?

Lockdown worked out quite well for us. It allowed us time to keep creative and write new material as well as focus our efforts on our upcoming Ep, We will have a new single which we wrote during lockdown out very soon and a new EP will follow.



Is the process of writing songs a collaborative effort, or is there a set lyricist for example. 

 Ciaran does the writing, most of the songs we have now in our set he has had for a few years.


Where is your dream venue to play as a band and why?

The Olympia in Dublin, there has always been something very special about that venue. 



Where did you play your favourite gig as a band?

Whelans ones to watch is a stand out. It was one of our last before lockdown. The crowd and atmosphere were great that night.


What have been your favourite gigs that you have attended?

Seeing Brian Wilson  (Darren)

Paul McCartney in Glasgow (Ciaran)

Metallica (Joe)


How did ‘Plastic Cowboys’ form/become a band?-

Ciaran and myself met through a mutual friend Susan Mckeown around the same time I had started working at Wavefarm productions. After hearing Ciarans demos I asked if he would be interested in coming to Wavefarm to record with myself and Kevin Brennan who runs the studio. The first few sessions we did together went very well but Ciaran ultimately decided he would rather do the songs as a band and that's when I came on board to play bass and Kevin took the lead in producing the tracks. The decision to join the band was an easy one as we had chemistry working together in the studio so it felt like a natural transition. Joe then came on board to play the drums since I had known him since college and we had played together in bands before. We all got together and played a few of the songs Ciaran had written and the three of us had an instant connection that brought a new energy and life to the tracks.


Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where can we catch you playing?-

Unfortunately not, things are too unpredictable now with the current climate so gigs seem to be out of the question for awhile. It’s sad we can’t get in front of a crowd but it has given us the time we needed to get everything together for our EP.

- Bella Scott


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