Monday, August 24, 2020

Sea Girls: Open Up Your Head - Album Review

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The first studio album from London-formed indie four-piece, Sea Girls, was released on 14 August under Polydor Records label. Produced by Larry Hibbitt in London, the album features fourteen guitar-pop tracks. Since the release of “Call Me Out” in 2017, the band has become one of the most fascinating indie bands in recent years.

“Open Up Your Head” is uplifting, reflective, and darkly honest. Filled with colourful melodies and synth hooks, it has become the sound of summer. With six of fourteen songs already released, the album features a handful of popular favourites, such as “All I Want To Hear You Say” and “Damage Done”. Notable standouts are the “Weight In Gold”, and “Transplant”; both capturing every aspect of the real essence of who Sea Girls have become.

When singer Henry Camamile suffered a head injury after hitting his head on a pub cellar door, the anxiety he encountered as a result became his lyricist inspiration when working on the album. “I had a head injury and life wasn’t going great anyway. I was partying too much, and I was relying on the wrong things. I was a sad post-teen. I think that’s typical to a lot of people, but I experienced this head injury when I was knocked out at work. After that, my perspective just changed,” he explained.

“Ready For More” is a flawed hope for when in doubt yet optimistic; “I’m just getting started / It’s true that I’m here / This isn’t the end / You’ve seen nothing yet”. Instead of being forever escaping teenagers, Sea Girls sing about something more meaningful; “I’m not going to live forever, why would I even try?” asks Camamile in “Forever”. “Kill the past, forget the future,” he demands while embracing the present in “Weight In Gold”.

“Open Up Your Head” is a fascinating debut that makes the audience want to see where their vision and possible further exploration can take the band.

- Maria Peftouloglou

Instagram: @mariapeft

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