Sunday, August 30, 2020


Post Humorous' by Gus Dapperton: Singer-Songwriter Tackles Mortality on New  Single – Blaze Radio ASU

New York indie pop artist Gus Dapperton has just dropped the official video to his latest single from upcoming sophomore album, ‘Orca’. The single released earlier in July, alongside a lockdown lyric video containing joyous performances from Dapperton’s family and friends. He now offers another visual treat for the song.

‘Post-Humorous’ once again explores Dapperton’s tender side, with the singer addressing the struggles of life, through a healthy dose of left-field humour. This self-awareness of his image and music has always been a part of Dapperton’s artistic identity, and offers a refreshing perspective on the modern music landscape.

The track begins in a mellow fashion, featuring looped high notes of an electric guitar played against a soft synthesizer, before acoustic strumming accompanies the vocals. This blend of instrumentation is simple, but gives the song a strong nostalgic feel, almost as if it could have been plucked from an album in the late 90s or early noughties. Dapperton sings softly initially, reminiscing about warm memories, before rising to sing the rest of the song defiantly. 

The production of the song demonstrates his vocal range, allowing Dapperton’s lower, almost-nasally, singing to flow smoothly into the occasional falsetto.

The new video takes place at a comedy club open mic night, the perfect setting for the message of song. Dapperton comes on stage, as if ready to deliver a set to an audience eagerly watching, before launching into the song, and quickly befriending the crowd. An impromptu poker game takes a dramatic turn, leaving Dapperton locked in the boot of a car, before he escapes and returns to the club to finish his song in style. 

The bizarre events of the video keep it entertaining, and shows what makes Dapperton’s music so charming in the first place. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to not take life so seriously.

‘Post-Humorous’ is available to listen and watch now. It is the second single from Gus Dapperton’s upcoming album ‘Orca’, which is set to arrive September 18 th via AWAL.

- Huwen Edwards


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