Sunday, August 30, 2020

Tomberlin builds on her signature sound with new single 'Wasted'

NEW VIDEO: Tomberlin - "Wasted"

Kentucky artist Sarah Beth Tomberlin has just introduced the world to her new single ‘Wasted’, from her upcoming EP ‘Projections’. ‘Wasted’ builds upon the singer song-writers soft acoustic sound, first heard in her 2018 debut album ‘At Weddings’. The single arrives with a music video, directed by Busy Phillips.

The song is anchored by a simple melancholic acoustic melody which repeats throughout, returning to the soundscape that Tomberlin introduced on her previous project. However, with the help of indie veteran Alex G, this time the sound evolves. Additional layers such as crashing snare drums, a subtle haunting violin and bass notes of an electric guitar add flavour to the established style.

Yearning vocals flow through the song, as Tomberlin sings of wanting a love just beyond reach. One moment she plays with words delicately, singing “please don’t be indifferent, I can make it different”, before bluntly announcing her confusion in the chorus. Self- referential lyrics come in to play later in the song, with a humorous jab at the tricky nature of writing a love song - “I try to write it out, make sure nothing sounds weird”. Tomberlin’s song-writing is akin to the sly comedy of Phoebe Bridgers, proving she knows not to take herself to seriously despite the pensive subject matter.

The music video reflects the homely, intimate mood of the song. Shot on an iPhone 4, and directed by Busy Phillips, Tomberlin is shown wandering around the beautiful grounds of a family home, playing in the background with two young girls. The phone quality is actually a satisfying departure from the increasingly high budget music video aesthetic, giving the video an impression of a home movie. The idyllic green neighbourhood acts as an excellent backdrop, providing a fitting space for Tomberlin’s contemplation. Phillips’ stated that shooting the video on iPhone brought a different kind of creative freedom, allowing for sporadic filming when the weather looked just right or when inspiration struck.

‘Wasted’ by Tomberlin is available to listen and watch now. Projections is available for pre- order now and due digitally October 16th via Saddle Creek, with a limited edition picture disc release to follow on November 13th.

- Huwen Edwards


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