Monday, August 31, 2020


Brad stank - She Was A Tease (Official Audio) - YouTube

Liverpool’s own singer-songwriter Brad Stank heralds the arrival of his new album with new single and video ‘She Was a Tease’.

Sauntering along at five-minute run time, ‘She Was a Tease’ manages to resist burning out too quickly. Instrumentally, the song could place the listener in the hazy depths of a late- night jazz club. A saxophone swoons through the song, played by King Krule collaborator Gal Go, providing a smooth undercurrent to the relaxed drum beat and heavily reverbed electric guitar. Lightly strummed acoustic strings can just be made out in the background, adding a tender Latin influence to the track.

Stank’s distinctive low vocals work perfectly with the style of the music, bringing a baritone texture to the vocals. Keeping to a simple rhyming structure in the lyrics, his voice flows through the song like a river at sunset, accented by the electric guitar licks and saxophone.

The video showcases much of Stank’s offbeat humour, blending shots together in a way almost reminiscent of a James Bond opening sequence. Argentinian artist Dignity Rivero dances in the background, as Stank and Gal Go play their respective instruments, gazing into the near distance wistfully. Visually rich colours and high contrast lighting boost the drama and class of the song, which according to Stank, was inspired by “those gorgeous old Blue Note record sleeves”.

‘She Was a Tease’ is available to stream now. The single is taken from Brad Stank’s new album ‘Kinky Om’, out now via Heist and Hit.

- Huwen Edwards


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