Saturday, September 23, 2017

King No-One and Raffer 22/09/17

Left to right;
Alex, Zach, Me, Alana, Joe and James
Venue; Manchester Gorilla
Capacity; 650
Status; Sold Out !!!

It's very rare that I'd go to a concert again after having seen the band(s) once previous, to me - it's a bit like seeing the same movie twice, it loses it's magic - but I would gladly relive this night a thousand times over, and if I ever get the chance, I'll definitely get myself down to another one of King No-One or Raffer's gigs.

Raffer's Set;

Raffer absolutely took the stage by storm, and this being the biggest venue played thus far - it is definitely a night to remember by both the band and the fans alike. Raffer fearlessly tested out new tunes on the Mancunian crowd and was met with definite cheers of approval and enthusiasm. With his last song 'How You Lay' Raffer got the entire crowd jumping up and down, waving their arms around, screaming and moshing to his catchy guitar riffs and undeniably magical lyrics.


Street Light Dancing
Deep End
Only Grows
Need You
Hold Up
How You Lay

King No-One's Set;

Donned with glitter and the political statement supporting the 'free the nipple campaign', front man Zach jumped on stage to face a crowd fueled by adrenaline waiting to sing lyrics back at him. Zach dared to join the crowd (literally) multiple times through the night and serenaded a small section of his fans with the harmonious lyrics of 'Two Islands'. 

'Manchester, you definitely are insane' - Zach Lount

King No-one are famous in the north for their dedication to busking and getting to know fans in a day-to-day situation. The bands Oh-such-a-pretty-boy's front man Zach addressed the crowd about inequality within society and that it's something that we shouldn't put up with, and heard the response of cheers of agreement and screams from fans. With melodic tunes like 'Two Islands' and upbeat hits in the range of 'Alcatraz' - it's a crime not to like these guys.

Social Media Links;

Website; King No-One // Raffer
Facebook; King No-One // Raffer
Twitter; King No-One // Raffer
Youtube; King No-One // Raffer
Instagram; King No-One // Raffer
Soundcoud; King No-One // Raffer
Store; King No-One // Raffer

This was one of the best gigs of my life by far, and I met so many lovely people, if you're reading this and you were part of what was an amazing night, thank you so much xoxoxo

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