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Wolf Alice Signing 05/10/17

Ellie is such a lil bean I love her

Venue; HMV Manchester

Status; Sold Out

aka. the best day of my life
aka. the day met my favourite band
aka the day I confronted the guys about why they never play my favourite song in their live shows

Wolf Alice. If you're never heard their name, where have you been for the past few years? Their eclectic guitar riffs and flitting between grunge and folk have hypnotized a generation, and by god are they wonderful. This quartet are the best indie band to come out of the 21st Century by a long shot, I couldn't live without them.

After the release of their second album, Wolf Alice embarked on a UK signing tour to celebrate with fans an play them a few of their new tracks.

Visions Of A Life Tracklist

Yuk Foo
Beautifully Unconventional
Don't Delete The Kisses
Planet Hunter
Sky Musings
Formidable Cool
Space and Time
Sad Boy
St. Purple & Green
After The Zero Hour
Visions Of A Life

Their new album takes all of the best components and successes from 'My Love Is Cool', enhances them and have compiled them into a dozen fresh new tracks. 'Yuk Foo' takes on 'Giant Peach' as their new go-to heavy grunge song, and the quaint and dainty track 'Heavenward' is the new 'Blush'. My personal favourites from this new album are 'St. Purple & Green', 'Beautifully Unconventional' (the music video is just a work of art), 'Visions Of A Life' and 'After The Zero Hour'. If you pre-ordered the limited edition version of the vinyl off their website, it came with; A signed art print, a 7" demo of Yuk Foo and Bad Things, and a double 12"LP of the album on white vinyl.

They played a laid back acoustic set which sent shivers down my spine, fans were in tears and it was absolutely amazing, (they also met fans and signed albums afterwards where Joel said he liked that me n my pal Josie had matching glitter and I proceeded to ask Joff why they never play destroy me live to which he replied 'It's nearly five years old' (after shooting a glance at Ellie)).

Click <here> to see a video of me meeting Ellie (courtesy of Josie)


Sad Boy
Space and Time
Beautifully Unconventional
Don't Delete The Kisses

Try and watch this without getting goosebumps;
Wolf Alice 'On The Road' Movie trailer

Wolf Alice, with Superfood and Sunflowerbean in tow, are going on a UK tour over the coming months, and by God will it be a time to remember.

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