Monday, September 18, 2017

An Ode To Destroying Beauty Standards

A world without beauty standards is a world without low self esteem

I can in no way pretend that I have some sort of moral high-ground when it comes to the subject matter at hand - because I don't. I earn a living by working within in the fashion industry, every weekend I find myself in the heart and soul of everything that I stand against, and it makes me feel so hypocritical - but it's the only job that I could get and I have to have work experience to boost my CV and University Application. Being employed within the retail world has really opened my eyes and made me realise a number of things;

A) We force radical notions and expectations onto young girls from the age of one - we may not think twice about it, but advertising 'skinny jeans' to young girls plants an idea in their heads that they must look skinny, but clothes which makes them appear as such - to be beautiful, which can lead to self-confidence issues when they're older and that isn't something that I think the fashion industry should be promoting.

Don't conform to unhealthy beauty standards! 

B) We get told that we should buy jeans that enhance our figure and make us look slimmer - for what?  So that we don't feel satisfied or comfortable with our natural figure? *Cue impending low self confidence and body dysmorphia*

Stand out. Don't be afraid to be different.
Let your voice be heard.

C) I've spent countless hours folding children's clothing that I've found strewn across display tables, piles of t-shirts that have toppled over onto the floor from a customer barging past and paying no heed to their surroundings, and I've found two distinct trends. Girls are stereotyped to like princesses and the colour pink. Boys should like superheroes, football and the colour blue - this can lead to fear of judgement from peers and feelings of shame e.g. if a boy likes Disney princesses or a girl wants to play football - stop genderising colours and trivial interests!!!

D) It isn't just girls that are subject to being told what they should and shouldn't look like, two words. Muscle. Tees. I can't count the number of guys I've come across who feel uncomfortable in their own skin and feel unlovable just because they don't have the perfect six pack or biceps. This is another unrealistic beauty standard that plagues our society and which I completely disagree with, you should love your body, love every inch of the skin that you were born in - you don't need to be built like a heavy-weight champion or an American Footballer to be considered 'attractive', just like girls don't need to be skinny - they're all just social constructs derived from the fashion industry!

E) The world of fashion needs to evolve, to represent a multitude of body types with their models. They need to be representative, you can't have just one model that isn't of the 'standard body type' and say that you're being representative - because you're not! They need to shed, move past outdated ideals and adopt the body ideals of the 60's - where the standard body type was curvy - or even better, abolish beauty and body image standards all together and accept everyone as they are, regardless of shape or size. This issue cannot be ignored.

This isn't a rant, I'm just speaking out about something important, something that is often overlooked and brushed off to the side. 

If you or anyone you know are struggling with body image issues, eating related disorders or low self esteem, please don't hesitate to contact someone who can help! 


116 123 - Phone Number - Email
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0808 801 0677 - Adult Helpline
0808 801 0711 - Youth Helpline - Youth Email - Adult Email
Online Support Group

Or alternatively if you just want someone to talk to about anything, even if it's just to say 'hi' or to tell me about something that's on your mind, please email me -

And remember - if you're reading this you're beautiful, just the way you are, look in the mirror and smile, who cares what other people think? As long as you're happy and healthy - that's all that matters.

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