Monday, September 11, 2017

Girlpool & Ian Sweet 08/09/17

A night fueled by teen girl angst and feminist vibes, was topped with a lovely little photo-shoot with Jillian (front gal of 'Ian Sweet'). Ian Sweet's melancholic lyrics, angelic vocals and sweet undertones were the perfect combination leaving the crowd wanting more. And for some reason the crowd and Jilian have an inside joke about cheese (some chanted 'cheese' during Girlpool's set leaving them hella confused).

Who said girl bands died with the noughties?

Ian Sweet's most recent album 'Shapeshifter' debuted on the 9th of September 2016 and is full of tracks that jump around from genre to genre. # 23 is an ode to Jilian's favourite athlete (Michael Jordan), this album is all about appreciating the little things in life, ignore all the sorrow and negativity, and instead love skateboarding whilst wearing crocs, holding a basketball with your pockets over flowing with candy, be happy with the little things in life. Jilian delivered a fun-filled set, with enigmatic lighting and a laid-back L.A. attitude, it's amazing how one girl with a guitar can captivate a whole room, bring together a group of people that may have absolutely nothing in common and unite them in being entranced by music. It's not a performance that I'll be quick to forget - I only hope that she returns to Manchester soon so I can relive the experience.

If you've never listened to Girlpool - you should - they're easily one of my favourite bands, with their indistinguishable voices and catchy tunes paired with bizarre lyrics - they're not a band to bypass.

Girlpool's Setlist;

Your Heart
Before The World Was Big
She Goes By
Fast Dust
Corner Store
Ideal World
I Like That You Can See It
It Gets More Blue
Static Somewhere

Photographs from the night;

Ian Sweet - 

Girlpool -

Social Media Links;

Girlpool; WebsiteInstagramTwitterSpotifyStore
Ian Sweet; WebsiteInstagramTwitterSpotifyStore


  1. Sounds awesome. I must look this band up. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much! You really should listen to them they're so cool!

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