Friday, August 11, 2017

Skating Polly & Kate Nash 04/08/17

Venue; Manchester O2 Ritz
Capacity; 1,500
Status; Sold Out

One of the best nights of my life consisted of American punk-alt band 'Skating Polly' rocking their Wolf-Alice vibes on stage to get the crowd riled up for the star of the show - Kate Nash. Skating Polly recently released an EP 'New Tricks' - which perfectly encapsulates Bikini Kill Vibes (you can order on their store here), establishes the band's rock genre and exceeds all expectations. If Wolf Alice's 'Giant Peach' track was a band - it would be this trio.

"Raised on ‘70s punk and early-‘90s alt-rock, Mayo and Bighorse  mine inspiration from artists as disparate as Johnny Cash, The Ramones, Nirvana, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Bikini Kill and saturate their own songs with a raw energy reminiscent of their musical heroes. Skating Polly takes a minimalist approach to songwriting, with the two self-taught musicians (Bighorse plays guitar, Mayo plays a guitar/bass hybrid called a basitar, and both girls play drums and piano) crafting super-catchy melodies mainly by “messing around with our instruments and figuring out how to make cool noises,” according to Bighorse. But despite their stripped-down aesthetic, their songs contain a rich emotionalism that’s at turns brutally in-your-face, gut-wrenchingly tender, and irresistibly fun. A critic described their single ‘Alabama Movies’ as “an undeniable piece of work…a knockout punch that pummels your rib cage into shrapnel shards for all its thunderous percussion, palpable tension and Kelli Mayo’s piercing, possessed vocals.”

Skating Polly's Set;

One Word - phenomenal. This trio really do know how to put on a show, if you want a support act to get your crowd pumped - these guys should be your go-to choice.

Kate joined her support act on stage donning a pink ball-gown-esque dress (our lil fairy godmother) for a special performance of one of Skating Polly's songs (A Little More), and as can only be expected - the fans lost their shit.

Kate Nash's Setlist;

During her time on stage Kate also made a speech about the importance of mental health awareness and how pivotal support is - she also spoke about a charity that her tour is supporting (through the sale of pin badges) and joined in a Jeremy Corbyn chant as her guitarist played the riff.

Foundations (Tease, Intro and first verse)
We Get On
Shit Song
Pumpkin Soup
Skeleton Song
Nicest Thing
Little Red

Stitching Leggings
Musical Theatre
Call Me
Merry Happy


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