Wednesday, June 19, 2024

‘Less of You’ and More of Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo, the traditionally sad-boy Mexican-American singer-songwriter, has released a brand new synth-pop banger, ‘Less of You’. This fun, pop-infused track marks a departure from Apollo's usual style of longing, yearning, and heartache. Now, he is embracing a carefree and messy vibe.

‘Less of You’ is a pop song about a relationship that has gone wrong, capturing the turmoil of a messy breakup and Apollo's lingering feelings. Apollo has unanswered questions and more to add to a now one-sided conversation, “I wish it didn't have to be true / Was last night the end of me and you?”.

Apollo’s music typically blends R&B, pop with elements of soul, funk, hip-hop, Latin music, and bedroom pop. Growing up in the U.S. from Mexican immigrant parents, Apollo has been influenced by a huge array of artists like Pedro InfanteLos PanchosPrince, and The Beatles, so his turn to a fully electronic pop sound in ‘Less of You’ is refreshing. It showcases his growing confidence in both his music and his dynamic performances.

The track was co-produced by Apollo and Teo Halm, a singer, actor, and producer who is known for working with artists like SZALil YachtyRosalíaTroye Sivan, and Beyoncé. Apollo and Halm have collaborated before on songs like ‘Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All)’ and ‘Today’. ‘Less of You’ carries a magnetic 80s vibe, leaving listeners craving more, putting the song on repeat, and echoing Apollo's desire for answers.

Omar Apollo’s sophomore studio album ‘God Said No’ releases June 28th. You can find Apollo on his world tour this upcoming August with support from Kevin Abstract and Malcolm Todd

Molly Spencer


Image: Cam Hicks

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