Thursday, April 25, 2024

You’ll Fall For Cigarettes After Sex’s Latest Release ‘Dark Vacay’

Cigarettes After Sex are back with a moody track from their highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘X’s’. The song, aptly titled ‘Dark Vacay’, was written, produced, and recorded by lead singer Greg Gonzales

The track is dark and gloomy, with the opening lyrics being “In summer in living on pills and lines / With someone I love / Don’t really like / Been sleeping on the tile and keeping out the light”. 

The lyrics include themes of substance abuse, toxic love, and suicide. 

Verse two is even heavier than its prior, with these lyrics: “With summertime liquor at 5 o’clock / Been drinking too heavy on Adderall / I listen to the last message that you left / Then the voice from the suicide hotline”. Greg is singing from the point of view of someone who’s lost their lover and doesn’t know how to cope, especially after making that person the centre of their universe as revealed in the chorus: “Feel the world around you / Feel the world surround you / Feel the world around you / Feel it all around you crash”. 

The chorus takes us through the stages of the relationship. We hear from the point of view of the lover becoming infatuated with their partner so much they become their whole world. They feel this person surrounds them and takes possession of their world. Then once this person walks out, it feels like the lover’s world is crashing down. This leads to the lover in the song experiencing some tumultuous emotions. 

Sonically, the track's instrumentation pairs perfectly with the lyrics of ‘Dark Vacay’. The electric guitar in this song is mellow yet dominates the track. The drum maintains a steady rhythmic tempo throughout, and the counterpoint of the keyboard, bass, and drums in contrast with the domineering electric guitar riff gives the track an imitative polyphonic texture.

Are we ready for the release of ‘X’s?’ 

Daniela Gisel Macias 


Image: ‘Dark Vacay’ Official Single Cover by Lea Banchereau 

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