Friday, April 26, 2024

Cristina Hart Takes Her Audience On A Soulful And Heartfelt Journey To The Past

The Swiss-born Spanish-Brazilian singer-songwriter Cristina Hart is currently based in London writing and recording music and is becoming increasingly more established off the back of recent singles such as ‘Never Be Her’ and ‘Rewind’. 

Her latest record ‘Sleep Tight’ whisks its audience away on a journey through the past as it reflects on lost love and mistakes that can’t be rectified no matter what might occur.

The track begins with a subtle riff from the guitar before Hart begins to sing the opening line of the first verse “Still wearing all your clothes to keep you close to me”, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. The first chorus remains fairly soft dynamically while she sings “Tell me how it’ll be before I see you again / I never got to say goodbye”. The lyrics are powerful and remind its audience that everybody has similar experiences when experiencing loss.

The dynamics increase slightly midway to accommodate the drums, adding more of a stable pulse to the music. The reverb on the vocals makes the track more ambient and atmospheric and the message hits home even harder as a result. The refrain “So sleep tight” is sure to stir the senses and evoke memories from a bygone era.

Ultimately, the song is both heartwarming and heartbreaking as it reminds its audience that while there will always be inflicted emotional wounds and overwhelming grief, life still goes on and positive memories are there to be made in the present and the future. 

Hart will be headlining the 'Online Therapy' EP launch at The Grace in London on May 29th 

Antony Bailey


Image: Official 'Sleep Tight' Single Cover

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