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Trash Pals Release Release The Summer Time Single ‘Sonya’

Trash Pals, the indie rock duo have dropped their latest single ‘Sonya’, a thought-provoking track brimming with nostalgia. Emerging with a summery sound, it captivates listeners with its upbeat nature and lo-fi style, making for a proud impact.

Trash Pals blend their multifaceted artistry to craft warm, upbeat tunes that encourage their listeners to embrace their emotions from navigating loss to the joy of dancing. Composed of members Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider, the duo met at summer camp during bouts of homesickness and soon bonded over music. The result? A collaborative effort to process life’s twists and turns through stunning indie rock. 

Through Conor’s experience collaborating with artists such as Mark RonsonChance the Rapper and Brasstracks and Gabe showcasing along with Wynton Marsalis and Jon Batiste, Trash Pals promises a fresh and captivating sound for audiences.

‘Sonya’ has clean-cut instrumentals with a cheery percussion that plays with the overall tempo. The drums have a slight pause in-between allowing for the gentle guitar riffs to perfectly interweave with the rhythm making for a catchy tune that pulls in the listener. The chord progression, though taking a lo-fi effect, gains traction and complexity with the beautifully blended synth that evokes a calming feeling and envisioning dusk on a summer’s evening. 

Additionally, the vocals are smooth like velvet that seamlessly intertwines with the instrumentals. Delving into the life journey of a character named 'Sonya,' the lyrics traverse highs and lows, encapsulated by lines like "Won’t tell you things will be okay just let you take it day by day. Close your eyes now and breathe…".

Trash Pals skillfully craft from a deeply sentimental perspective, lending 'Sonya' a sense of anonymity; it can be interpreted both as a narrative about a mysterious girl of the same name but also as a reflection of personal thoughts and emotions. 

‘Sonya’ by Trash Pals may be a lo-fi track but has interwoven complexities that on the surface level may seem nostalgic and twinkly but deep within it possesses introspection and depth making for an extremely profound listening experience. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Sonya’ Official Single Cover

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