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Pearl Jam Are ‘Running’ Into A New Era

Pearl Jam has released the first single to promote their highly anticipated twelfth studio album. ‘Dark Matter’ is their latest release since their 2020 album ‘Gigaton.’ Their newly released track ‘Running’ is a far cry from their melancholy, slow-and-steady previous record. Pearl Jam has achieved something every artist wants to achieve, and that is longevity. 

The band formed in Seattle Washington, during the 1990’s and quickly became a pillar of the grunge subculture. They solidified themselves as part of the grunge “Big Four '' with albums like ‘Ten’ and ‘Vitology’.

Nearly two decades after their debut album, their eleventh studio album ‘Gigaton’ charted at number five on the US Billboard 200. 

Pearl Jam can stay true to their artistry and being in touch with their fans has afforded them the longevity many rock bands can only dream of. 'Running' is riveting and raw, something you can thrash in a mosh pit. The track is more punk than Pearl Jam has ever been, with its fast tempo, gnarly guitar riff, and Eddie Vedder doing more shouting than singing. 

You can hear a clear Ramones influence in the track's structure and texture. There is a deep bassline, a quick upbeat guitar riff, and thrashing drums. The lyrics are straightforward and angst-ridden.Now I'm lost in all the shit you're flushing / Victrola, controller / Lost in the tunnel and / the tunnel's getting funneled / Likе the sewage in thе plumbing / 'Cause we left the fucking water running.” 

This is new territory for Pearl Jam, as they’ve usually remained in the grunge, post-grunge, and prog rock genres. Are longtime Pearl Jam fans excited for this genre shift?  


Daniela Gisel Macias


Image: ‘Dark Matter’ Official Album Cover 

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