Monday, April 15, 2024

Shenanygans Release Second Single ‘Count On Me’

Folk-infused indie rock band Shenanygans have released their sophomore single ‘Count On Me’, a track that boasts a polished vintage rock flair infused with a contemporary twist, featuring unexpected twists and turns throughout. 

Shenanygans, a four-member indie rock ensemble hailing from Solothurn, Switzerland, features two Irish frontmen, Dan and Kaylem Hannon-Barry, who take on vocal and guitar roles. They're backed by a rhythm section comprising Swiss drummer Tom Brunner and Swiss-Polish bassist Lucky Luki, also part of the Polish band The Fruitcakes. Established in early 2023, they deliver a dynamic and invigorating musical experience, leaving audiences craving more.

‘Count On Me’ opens with a sharp electric guitar that is paired with a gentle percussion exuding immediate nostalgia and a lively melody. It’s a blend of soft and edgy rock elements that evokes the spirit of iconic bands like The Beach Boys and the early catalogue of The Beatles. 

The vocal blend seamlessly into the soothing melodies, Dab and Kaylem harmonise mimicking Paul McCarntey and John Lennon. These vocal stylings have a strong sense of chemistry and what Shenanygans perfect is effortlessly alternating between lead and back vocals to create captivating harmonies perfectly capturing sentimental lyrics such as “I guess I’m missing you, we had great times we do. And in my mind there’s many traces you have left behind”. 

Shenanygans use folk-infused instrumentals blended with indie to concoct a new wave of classic and modern rock. Though simple in terms of song structure, it is this simplicity that is infectious and will have listeners coming back for more. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Count On Me’ Official Single Cover 

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