Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Lucas Köksal Delivers Genre-Blending Excellence With The Introspective ‘eye to eye’

For the first time since 2022, Lucas Köksal is finally giving fans a taste of his new music - and it does not disappoint. 

The hypnotic ‘eye to eye’ showcases the Canadian singer-songwriter’s ability to craft something dimensional and multi-layered; through fusing genres and experimenting with instrumental techniques outside the realm of the regular, the track naturally deserves to be on repeat.

Blending elements of acoustic indie with dream-pop, the guitar inflections are automatically reminiscent of the UK’s early 2000s indie sound, whilst the gradual synths, distortion, and sporadic percussion propel the song into more modern synth-pop territory.

As Köksal admits ‘I try to see eye to eye with you’ in the chorus, his hazy vocals only further enhance the dreamy soundscape properly established midway through the track. As the song invites a relaxing, enticing energy, Köksal paints an equally inviting picture with poetic lyricism, “The sun goes down in a state of remission / as lights pass by in a swift repetition”.

This genre-crossover is utterly refreshing, yet ‘eye to eye’ evokes a sense of nostalgia, reinforced by Köksal's introspective reflections of “Same old place with a familiar feeling / cast on the walls that are begging for meaning”.

There is absolutely no doubt that Lucas Köksal is one of the most exciting emerging artists around right now. With nearly 2000 monthly Spotify listeners and features on numerous editorial playlists, he is a rising star in front of our very eyes.

eye to eye’ is the first of two singles which will predecess Köksal’s debut album, currently set for a summer 2024 release. 

Rachel Feehan
@rachiefee // @rachel_feehan
Image: ‘eye to eye’ Official Single Cover

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