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Night Time is Sky Ferreira’s Time

After nearly two years since her last London performance, American singer and songwriter Sky Ferreira provides an unforgettably unique return to the stage at KOKO to promote her upcoming and highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Masochism’. The album has been in the works since 2014, immediately following her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’ (2013). The show was the sole London date of her UK tour, drawing devoted fans eager to watch.

With the fear of the show's cancellation, fans were sceptical that Ferreira was even going to show up. During the wait for the show the atmosphere was tense and uncertain, as Ferreira is notorious for her tardiness. However, the mood was shifted by the pre-show playlist featuring artists like the xxLordeLana del ReyGrimes and many other iconic artists who began their careers in the ‘Tumblr era’ like Ferreira. The crowd was eased into the show with nostalgic anticipation, and Ferreira finally arrived in her own fashion three hours after doors.

Gracing the stage in her trademark tights, boots, leather jacket and sunglasses, Ferreira immediately captivated the audience with her shy but familiar presence. She began the night with grungy hit ‘Boys’, from her debut album, displaying resilience and strength. The crowd’s energy was immediately released of tension, as they began to sing along and admire the near goddess who has brought them along with her for over 10 years on the Internet. ‘You’re Not the One’ was screamed by adoring fans, one of her most intense vocally. 

Throughout the night, it was apparent that Ferreira has experienced significant challenges, both on and off stage. But despite that, she powered through and her vocals reverberated into the ears of fascinated individuals. Her moody lighting provided her silhouette with an undercover darkness, lights and lasers our only way through to her real self. Our only glimpse into her enigmatic persona.

Ferreira showcased her artistic evolution by performing her recent single ‘Don’t Forget’, from the upcoming album. She demonstrated her trademark raw intensity and grungy guitar style, while also delivering impactful vocals. In addition to her original repertoire, Ferreira surprised fans with covers such as ‘Voices Carry’ by Til Tuesday, and ‘Hands All Over Me’ by Tamaryn, as well as unreleased tracks to keep the audience surprised. This blend of familiar hits and new material showcased her versatility and growth as an artist. However, she proved her perfectionist reputation right, as she restarted three of her songs throughout the show. ‘Ain’t Your Right’‘Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay)’, and ‘Sad Dream’

After a rough night, one could tell Ferreira was struggling, but she still gave out a raw, tear-stained performance of fan favourite ‘Sad Dream’. “I suddenly got really upset…this is embarrassing”, Ferreira admitted after asking her guitarist to stop before the first chorus of the song. The fans were collected and encouraged Ferreira to continue. When she eventually restarted the song, you could hear voices from the entire venue singing to her with adoration and respect, not judgment. 

The entire hall was filled with voices to close out the show with ‘Everything is Embarrassing’, Ferreira’s biggest hit in which she co-wrote with Devonté Hynes, aka Blood Orange, eliciting an energetic response from the crowd despite her evident struggles. The synth-pop anthem, enhanced by the blue and purple lighting, transported the crowd back to the ‘Tumblr era’.

Sky Ferreira's performance at KOKO was not just a concert but a testament to her resilience and growth. Ferreira delivered a memorable and emotionally charged performance that resonated deeply with her devoted fanbase. As she continues to evolve as an artist, her London comeback serves as a reminder of her enduring influence and strength.

Molly Spencer


Image: Sky Ferreira Tour Poster 2024

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