Friday, April 19, 2024

Kelly Jones Pulls Back The Curtain In Emotive New Single

Iconic frontman of the timeless Welsh band Stereophonics, Kelly Jones has been, either through his work through the band or on his own, a staple of the music world for decades now. Released in the run-up to his latest solo album effort, ‘Monsters In The House’ is an airy, emotive and passionate cut.

Jones' instantly recognisable iconic voice pairs beautifully with a stunning grand piano as he gently croons through the track, which is just under three minutes in length. Kelly gets help from his bandmates on ‘Monsters In The House’, with the band mentioned in the ‘performed by’ section of the song credits.

The song, however, is entirely produced and written by Kelly Jones, and after many listens it’s evident that this is a deeply emotional and personal song.

Jones sings of trying to fight his demons, with signs of dejection creeping into his lyrics: “Some days I'm weary / I take a look under the hood / Scared to find / The engine's empty and no good”. This latest cut by Jones is a heartfelt, raw and honest track that lets the listener peer into the wiring of an enigmatic and iconic frontman.

His newest album ‘Inevitable Incredible’ is set to drop in early May, and will be his third solo LP.

Dan Jones

Image: ‘Monsters In The House’ Official Single Cover

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