Saturday, March 30, 2024

Tones and I Releases A Soothing And Meditative New Single

The Australian singer-songwriter Tones and I has been busy since the start of the New Year writing and recording new music. She has already reached international stardom with ‘Dance Monkey’ in addition to becoming the first female artist to reach 2 billion streams on Spotify.

Her latest track ‘I Get High’ reflects on the past as it reminisces about falling in love and remembering the feelings and experiences resulting from it.

The record begins with a synth before a techno beat kicks in to add a solid backbeat to a subtle and soothing melody. The lyrics in the first verse “We were young, smoking cigarettes / Sneaking home, on the phone all night long” set the scene for the rest of the song that longs for a return to youth and is sure to resonate with a widespread audience.

The dynamics drop slightly before rapidly rising again for the chorus. “You just got that special something that just makes me feel alive” reaffirms those sentiments of longing for a return to being young, free, and in love. The track reaches its gentle conclusion as all instruments suddenly fade into the background while Tones and I sings “When we were young”.

Her latest record has already reached a wide audience and has been widely well received as she continues to write music, push boundaries, and reach new benchmarks on the international stage. 

Antony Bailey


Image: 'I Get High' Official Single Cover

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