Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Tessa Forrest Expresses Modern-Day Dread In The New Single ‘I Think We All Gonna Die’

Tessa Forrest has released the new single ‘I Think We All Going To Die’, a song about existential dread when doom scrolling through social media feeds, tuning into the news reports on war and politicians delivering speeches rampant with kleptocracy all captured through alternative rock with a folk-like essence and indie at its core. 

‘I Think We All Gonna Die’ starts with a distant siren, gradually building and initially fading into an acoustic guitar melody. Yet, the persistent wail of the siren continues alongside the gentle instrumentals, symbolising the ongoing nature of life amid turmoil and adversity, where individuals strive to maintain normalcy.

The track’s structure is simple with a single acoustic guitar that is continuous perfectly mirroring Tessa Forrest’s vocals. Singing in a hushed tone the simplicity of ‘I Think We All Gonna Die’ feels like a lullaby, similar to ‘The Hanging Tree’ from The Hunger Games where the gentleness of the instrumentals contrasts with the lyrics, as expressed “In search for hope I learned they shot him in the back now I’m afraid we’ve reached the end”. 

The lullaby-esque melody swiftly evolves into a burst of vibrant synths, accompanied by a groovy bassline and powerful drumming, gradually escalating in fervour with a dominating electric guitar, as Tessa Forrest’s vocals grow more assertive, driven by passion and dazzling the listener. 

This heightened intensity culminates as the siren reemerges, prompting a deceleration in the instrumental arrangement, as the tranquil lullaby is enveloped by echoes and rever once more.

In ‘I Think We All Gonna Die’, Tessa Forrest delves into challenging themes of dread and coveys sentiment of impending doom and defiance, skillfully manipulating tempo variations to give the track depth and complexity. The result? A compelling listening journey that captivates listeners from beginning to end, 

Ana Joy King


Image: Margo Krivonos

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