Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Deep Nostalgia Amongst Other Things, it used to be here Release ‘Twice The Stars’

it used to be here have released their latest single; ‘Twice The Stars’, a nebulous, deeply sentimental track that explores love and being alive through melancholy with a hint of optimism.

The duo it used to be here comprise of Jarod Lewins, on bass, synth, and vocals and Andrew Tran on guitar. The pair met through their previous band Ten Easy Payments, where they explored a multitude of genres, including indie-rock.  However, their latest project takes a step back and explores post-rock and synth-wave for an epic listening experience.

‘Twice The Stars’ is an experimental track that shows it used to be here toy with tempo and contrast, building up in intensity only to seamlessly alleviate into a softer yet speedier pace. This is perfectly shown in the opening, where an explosion of sound attacks the senseswaves of synths blend with echoing percussion and a rich electric guitar with prolonged and noble riffs.

As this eases, there is a tonal change that adds a deep contrast to ‘Twice The Stars’, and the guitar becomes somewhat malleable with Jarod Lewins’ low vocal stylings it creates a hazy effect, cleverly dipping into a mash-up of psychedelic rock and post-rock, with clear influence from Deftones. 

The rest of the track vividly explores a multitude of tonal changes, giving ‘Twice The Stars’ a level of complexity and layers, complimenting the poetic lyrics, including “Caught in the flow, silent as a tombstone, nothing below…but tonight you’re alive”. 

‘Twice The Stars’ is a gorgeous track that perfectly explores the vulnerabilities of life by looking on the bright side with a lingering feeling of desolation. The simplicity and intricacy show that it used to here possess a knack for songwriting, taking its listeners on a journey with a vivid and seamless exploration of genre, making it an enthralling listening experience. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Twice The Stars’ Official Single Cover

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