Friday, March 08, 2024

Release Adulthood Anxieties In The Most Punk Way With Wïlderman’s ‘8 Feet’

Hitting play on Wïlderman’s latest release, ‘8 Feet’, is receiving a full blast of modern post-punk! The song does not hold back punches with heavy, deep bass and quick “shout” drums, with a prominent bass drum driving the music forward in the utmost garage fashion. The track builds up a cohesive experience of sharp “dirty” vocals and a distorted angular guitar that pumps the energy into ‘8 Feet’.  

Wïlderman’s care in crafting ‘8 Feet’ doesn’t go unnoticed - every second of this song is a force calling for your attention and the relationship between the melodies and vocals is ideal to keep you in a head-banging hypnosis. It’s the simplicity of post-punk in its creation that is incredibly profound. Modern post-punk, similar to the movement in the 90’s, is made for you to feel and think freely as you get lost in the rhythm. 

‘8 Feet’ places itself in the avant-garde practice of that genre. There’s a revival of traditional punk sounds which positions Wïlderman as a front-runner in the 2020's scene. However, don’t let the loud and vigorous energy heard distract you from how emotionally filled it is. The instrumental backing is one aspect of how you’re supposed to feel; it invites you into the band’s world of sonic emotion, which is then translated into how you are encouraged to interpret the rest of the tune. 

The narrative around the track is centred around looking back on the past compared to where you’re currently standing and going, resulting in not feeling comfortable and content. It’s meant to stir up those emotions of feeling more and more unsteady as the piece progresses: “now all my spirit guides, they get louder by the day / tell me how far that I’ve come but I still feel so far away”. Leading up to an interesting frenzied concoction of the bridge replicating the internal meltdown of not quite being where you thought you’d be in life. 

Tyra Baker 


Image: ‘8 Feet’ Official Single Cover 

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