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Lizzy McApline is Breaking Through 'Ceilings'

Lizzy McAlpine broke into the mainstream with the release of her song ‘Ceilings’ going viral on TikTok in 2023. A trend was started in correspondence to the song which helped the virality and since then Lizzy McAlpine has only grown in popularity, achieving 12.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

She captured Gen-Z with her themes of unrequited love and growing pains. ‘I Guess’ is the second single off of her upcoming third studio album. In this track, she experiences confusion and dishonesty. 

The track begins with “Straighten your tie, we’re not alone / I’ll tell a lie just to bring you home / We dance together, you’re not that good / I’ll tell a lie but, it’s understood”, painting the picture of a first date. Coming across as hesitant and unsure of this date, she seems to be lying to both her date and herself about how well it’s going. Nevertheless, she persists in dating, pining for love. 

She gets candid about her disappointment in her pursuit of a romantic partner in the chorus, doubtful in her quest for love in the modern age: “I guess it's all about timing / I guess it's all about the things you want but never get / I guess it's all about trying / To love someone you've never met”. She grapples with the fact that she isn’t getting what she hopes for with these experiences and that she doesn’t know where else to search.  

The track kicks off with nothing but melancholic guitar strums. As Lizzy dives deeper into these feelings, a mellow keyboard melody comes in which adds a new depth to the song. As she becomes more disheartened with her experiences, a steady drum beat phases in and out of the song, adding an interesting texture that ties the track together nicely. 

In the bridge, she admits that she is clueless and feeling lost when it comes to searching for love in her early twenties: “Wish it was easy, I wish I knew / what I was doing, but I never do”. The steady drum beat kicks in and builds up to a crescendo, sonically speaking to the frustration she feels. The song ends with an exquisite combination of consonance and harmony between the instruments on the track. 

Leaving the listener feeling like they’re experiencing a coming-of-age moment. The grandiose conclusion of ‘I Guess’ is why Lizzy’s audience loves her music so much. The endings of her songs are cinematic. 

Her third studio album is sure to be a hit!  

Daniela Gisel Macias

Image: ‘I Guess’ Official Single Cover  

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