Monday, March 25, 2024

A Franco-British Journey into The Eternal Summer

The Franco-British quartet Sourface is preparing to release its anticipated debut album, The Eternal Summer.

With a series of captivating singles preceding the album's release, Sourface demonstrates their approach to indie music. 

From the energy of 'Vin Rosé' to the sincere charm of 'Careless Love', each track offers a taste of the band's diverse musical identity. 

Drawing on a wide range of influences, including new wave, surf rock and psychedelic rock. Surface navigates the complexities of love, power and human emotion. Notably, alternateFrench, and English lyrics offer different vibes and invite an international audience to connect with their music.

Sourface unveils 'Now and Then', a contemplation on love and nostalgia. Against a backdrop of dreamy melodiesthe band invites listeners to reflect on the ephemeral nature of human bonds and the passage of time. The song builds up to an exciting peak, with the band singing together joyfully, encouraging everyone to join in the fun.

With its catchy chorus and joyous energy, 'Now and Then is a fitting addition to the band's repertoire, offering a flavour of the eclectic landscape of 'The Eternal Summer'The single's release is supported by visuals in which the band joyfully cross-country fields and drives along winding roads as the sun sets over the horizon.

The band has announced a show at The Social in London, scheduled on March 23rd, the day after the release of the album.



Matteo Attal 


Image: ‘Now and Then’ Official Single Cover



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