Friday, March 22, 2024

Kenya Grace ‘It’s not fair’: A Cathartic Anthem for the Brokenhearted

A rising star on a music stage: Kenya Grace is not slowing down and in her new track is not afraid to get vulnerable on her latest single, ‘It's not fair’. Fresh off the success of her breakout hit ‘Strangers’, Grace dives into the bittersweet aftermath of a summer romance gone sour.

The lyrics are the narrator of an unhappy summer love captivating tale - expressing pain, jealousy and bitterness. Kenya cannot get over the loss of her lover, who has already left it behind "Now you're happy and you moved on". 

The song isn't just about heartbreak. It's about the frustration of lingering feelings and the invisibility you can feel when someone moves on. Grace confronts her ex in a powerful bridge, pleading, "So tell me, truly, do you think about me?". This raw vulnerability is the heart of the song's appeal. It's a sentiment anyone who's ever been hung up on someone can relate to.

The track opens with a deceptively light, finger-picked guitar melody that contradicts the emotional weight of the lyrics. The foundation as melancholic dance floor-ready beat encircled by a glassy synth loop balances the song without overwhelming the intimacy of Grace's vocals. They shift between longing and frustration as she reflects on past promises and unanswered questions. The lyrics, "In my head, I can't forget / all the stupid things you said", perfectly capture the sting of a relationship's breakup.

With ‘It's not fair’ Kenya Grace continues to solidify her position as a rising artist with a relatable voice and a knack for capturing complex emotions. The song is a catchy and cathartic anthem for anyone who's ever felt the sting of rejection. Additionally, it messages personally wrote, produced, and performed a new project ‘The After Taste’.

Karolina Bartosik


Image: ‘It's not fair’ Official Single Cover

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