Thursday, March 21, 2024

Embracing Life’s Frequent ‘Funny Days’ With Giack Bazz

Many times in our lives, we get looped into pensive, ruminating thoughts. Whether it's on a holiday, a walk in the park, lost in thought in a conversation with someone else, or in our bedrooms at night, sometimes those thoughts end up providing a swimming, almost out-of-body experience searching for meaning. 

Giack Bazz's latest release, 'Funny Days' is a single that uncoils that with vulnerability. 

The indie-rock/folk-rock artist plays around with the concept of funny days through the lens of what determines and gives meaning to each minute, day, week, and so on as an adult. Is it the trip to Belgium and navigating the holiday "I'm in Brussels honey / everyone's so shy" or is it the kindness of giving a mate a helping hand "I'll help my friend with her kid / taking her to school / gotta trust me when I say it's all cool". 

As the three-minute track pans out, there's a subtle build-up throughout with simple guitar strumming at the beginning, then adding casual live drums - all of which lead to a large rowdy, punchy rock instrumental break at the bridge. All of this mirrors the repetitive rumination that the protagonist lulls "funny days in another life", almost indicating that the days living don't feel real, and "these days really better do something with my life", showing how he is grasping and understanding what actions and feelings are reflective of what he is doing with his life (and if those are what he wants) and what he could be doing to do something with his life. 

The release dives headfirst into the experiences that many adults, regardless of their stage of life, early adulthood to nearing their seniors, who are all constantly trying to figure out how to carve out a life full of stories and meanings with and around the funny days full of things we didn't think to expect to do. The real stories that make up our legacy and the ones most cherished are the dizzying and fascinating funny days that Bazz depicts in this tune. 

Tyra Baker


Image: ‘Funny Days’ Official Single Cover

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