Wednesday, March 06, 2024

How Far Will You Go To Be 'Popular'?

The Weeknd, Playboi Carti, and the legendary Madonna have teamed together to create a certified bop for HBO’s show, ‘The Idol’. Quite fitting right?

Popular’, the result of this unlikely team’s collaboration, is every pop music lover’s personal theme song right now and has a timeless new sound each time it plays. The pop trio have delivered a song that piques curiosity from start to finish, addressing actions that one may take to gain fame and riches. 

Beginning with a monologue - “I’ve seen the devil / Down Sunset / In every place / In every face” - the artists set the scene perfectly for a song created to display the drama that is involved with becoming an idol. It marks out a distinct tone for the song and creates vivid imagery of the many tales that have been told of the rich and famous in the “primal” location of Los Angeles, California. The classic pop beat, adlibs, and lyrics clash to create a bright project depicting the cliche, nightlife adventure of a girl who has big dreams and will do anything for the sake of popularity. 

With social media at its peak and having originally dropped during the first month of summer last year before this 2024 reissue with several versions available, ‘Popular’ was sure to live up to its name. 

Teiatra Davis


Image: ‘Popular’ Official Single Cover

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