Thursday, March 07, 2024

Cigarettes After Sex Release The Love Song Of The Summer

Cigarettes After Sex are back with their first single of 2024, ‘Tejano Blue’, the first single released from their highly anticipated album ‘X’s’. 

The indie-pop trio has made listeners swoon with their music’s romantic themes and tracks characterised by moody synth beats, ambient instrumentation, and lyrics saturated with yearning since they first debuted, and ‘Tejano Blue’ is no different.

‘Tejano Blue’ stays true to the band's sounds while sounding innovative. The track also features some outspoken sexual desire with the lyrics “We wanted to f*ck like all the time / wanted it sweet, so pure and warm”. Greg Gonzalez never shies away from his true feelings when writing a Cigarettes After Sex song. Jeff Kite’s instrumentation on the keyboard ties the track together, by providing an upbeat groove not usually found in their tracks.

The pre-chorus of the song is romantic and sensual both lyrically and sonically:“And when you say you want it all, I know you want it all / Baby it all from me / And when you drag me on the floor and the blue tejano’s on / You keep your eyes on me”. These lyrics compliment dreamy aural textures. ‘Tejano Blue’ is an enchanting lo-fi love song and a tease of what’s to come on ‘X’s’, their fifth studio album set to be released July 12, 2024. Are Cigarettes After Sex fans excited for the direction their new music is taking? 

Daniela Gisel Macias


Image: ‘Tejano Blue’ Official Single Cover

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