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Gary Dranow’s ‘Bodywise’ Is A Poetic Shoulder To Lean On

Something about walking to connect with yourself is nurturing when you get stuck in your head. The way that stretching your legs, feeling the breeze against your face, and finding a slow slice of solace in the chaos of the world - perhaps with work, relationships, or the future the way that it can cause comforting introspection is powerful. 

With that feeling in mind, ‘Bodywise’ by Gary Dranow is that comforting introspection wrapped in a song. 

‘Bodywise’ is a gentle tune with gorgeous guitar plucking and mellow drums that create a blanketing effect on those listening. Gary’s voice provides a warming presence that brings an “I see you” empathetic touch to the unwinding story of the song. ‘Bodywise’ is a tale that is not from the singer’s personal point of view but from observations of happening scenarios. 

There’s a play on the words “body wise” and “body wives” reflecting the story. It’s coming from the place of a young woman figuring out her identity, which is an overwhelming path to take due to the many expectations inherently placed on women. Despite this song being an observation, there’s an omniscient presence of knowing what the young woman wants to feel: freedom and love.

Dranow, in a soft approach, points out the complex relationships that a woman has with her mother and not wanting to be her (“and her mother’s words / they’re cut just like a knife”). The notice of how children are free because society hasn’t told them what to be (“all the children play / not a care in the world / they don’t see themselves as others would”). Her desire of not wanting to grow old and be unloved by a man (“for every man she meets / his eye objectify her / those silly games they don’t define her”). And, the journey of figuring out who she is and what her legacy will be beyond being a “body wive” (“you are whole in your perfection / last night you sat and cried / believing all their lies / in truth you’re something to behold”). 

‘Bodywise’ is full of emotions, and with its stripped-back making that mimics a compassionate nature, we cannot help but see ourselves in some capacity in this song, either as the young woman who feels the panic of navigating the reality of the world or as the observing friends or family who can only watch and give support along the way. Regardless of how you relate to this fantastic poetic emotion-rich ‘Bodywise,’ we all know that when you need a shoulder to lean on as you find your way in the world, Gary Dranow is here. 

Tyra Baker


Image: 'Never Give Up' Official Album Cover

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